Sunday, 17 January 2010

All Things Everything...

I handmade all my Christmas cards this year rather than duplicating one image across lots of cards, but I didn't get the chance to scan them each in as they took so long to make I had to just give them to people at the last minute before going to the Lake District for Christmas. So I am gradually trying to request scans of them for my collection, which will probably take a while! They were calligraphy based, similar to my LUSAD Christmas Card entry but addressed to each recipient E.g. 'Merry Christmas... Mum / Nan & Grandad' etc. When it came to creating my Thank You cards, I thought it more time efficient to just stick to the one card, but this image ended up taking a whole day anyway! The inspiration was the birdcage and fabric owl that Freddie got me for Christmas, by far my favourite present. I think this is my favourite card I have made as instead of being personal to someone else, it is personal to me and it was nice to get the opportunity to showcase my favourite thing this Christmas.

Below is the card I created for my friend Coops, her 22nd birthday was December 22nd, the day after mine. She really loves Russian dolls so I thought it would be nice to create the card as not only a Birthday gesture but a piece of illustration, hence why I left 'Happy Birthday' off the cover.

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