Saturday, 11 July 2009

A Grey Affair...

My dad and I were talking about going grey because its quite a late thing within my familien and I suggested that crazy hair colour that adds enough colour to show 'energy' yet leaves enough grey to show 'experience'. He's not a fan but I do think that advert is ridik.

Adios xxx

Things Of Course...

Oh my I do have a lot to do and I have absolutely no money.
I thought it would be easy to keep on top of things by doing this as I am so completely useless and not efficient (unefficient?) and it's nice to think that by writing it down, I can believe I have started actually DOING it. Maybe. Yes. This is why I write lists, because then I can think that I'm keeping on top of things. Good work batman.
If I don't pay my phone bill soon I am definitely going to get cut off fo' sho' which will be pretty dev but I need a new perfume so I am going to have to think about this some more.

It has been a good day because I have found a treat of a shop that has some ornamental bird cages. Sadly, this little gem was shut upon discovery however I did leave some dribble on the window so they know to expect me tomorrow. Horrah.

Also! I have decided to collect nice wrapping paper, a fan of Paperchase in particular, I always find myself having a nosy at wrapping paper and cards just because there are some amazing patterns especially in one-off shops, therefore I want to own all of them. And I will.

Tchus xxx